Craft Beer

A wonderful place to recover from the day’s activities is the 1188 Brewery located directly on Main St in John Day. A family venture and craft beer pioneers, a jubilant atmosphere surrounds serious beer-making acumen. Excellent restaurant-quality food and good options for those with dietary restrictions, this establishment is open to all ages. Occasional live music and seasonal festivities as well.

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Grant County Fair

The longest continually running fair in Oregon, The Grant County Fair is the highlight of the summer. Held on the fairgrounds in the center of John Day, along the river, families enjoy a rodeo, carnival rides, amusements and live music and much more. The 4H livestock competition recognizes the traditions of animal husbandry of the area and welcomes the next generation of into a strong community of proud ranchers and farmers.

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Green House

The John Day greenhouse is a community supported agriculture project to provide fresh produce spur new approaches to commercial agriculture. The greenhouse is over 6,000 square feet in size and features automated management of temperature, humidity, CO2, irrigation and fertilizer. Utilizing hydroponic growing bays and vertical space, the plants reach to over 12’ tall in the warm and sunlit space, year round.

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Magone Lake

A quick drive on some dirt roads arrives you at a gorgeous mountain lake. Offering camping, picnic and BBQ stations and a sand beach, a visit to the lake is a perfect plan for a summer day. Popular for swimming or floating, be mindful of swimming safety for yourself and loved ones. Be sure to pack sunscreen and towels and enjoy a perfect respite from the rest of the world.

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John Day is a leading example for innovation in a frontier setting.

John Day was founded during the Gold Rush, and thrived as a timber town. As mill jobs faded, necessitating change, local leadership took clear action to pour the foundations for the next chapter. Combining a resourceful mindset with effective government action, the City has revitalized the localized economy and anticipates sustained growth.

Investments in smart infrastructure include capacious water treatment, internet for all, new commercial zoning and the regional airport.

 A pioneering smart greenhouse project is an example of technology in service of food independence, and a teaching resource also

The most important resource for employers remains smart and serious workers. Existing programs span local schools with focused vocational training. Additional resources are in development to connect local youth with local jobs which are sustaining and rewarding.

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